H&A Poultry started its operations in 1982. The company has been an initiative of a broader group involved in poultry processing business for decades. Over the ensuring decades of business, the company has invested in this new initiative by entering into this diversified field of business with a new name called AL TAYYAB FOODS.
ALTAYYAB FOODS is poultry processing unit which has installed processing plants from MEYN (Poultry processing solution). The company also provides raw and ready to cook products.
AL TAYYAB FOODS has various divisions at front end which are working independently to ensure customer satisfaction and timely support services. These divisions include sales team, marketing, quality, finance. The said divisions are ready to handle every customer with just a call away service, whereas the customer base is expected to grow in the near future.
The edge to this business not only comes from the quick availability of product which is being processed at AL TAYYAB FOODS processing plant but endorses more value to it through its quality.
Offering the most affordable and lucrative price to customers is the product design concept. Our goal is to establish a win-win situation and long-term cooperation relationship with all our customers and partners.


Mr. Muhammad Tayyab is the Chairman of AL TAYYAB FOODS. He has been closely associated with the industry since 2000 and has more than 20 years of experience in poultry farming and processing in Pakistan. Prior to take over H&A poultry, Mr. Tayyab has been connected with various associations in the poultry industry and has worked on various other similar successful business models in the past.
His past experience in the industry, international exposure through business travelling and deep study on arising opportunities in the industry has been instrumental in the commencement and completion of this initiative. With the vision and ambition to process and produce products of its kind through a well-organized processing setup, Mr. Tayyab is committed to take this business to new levels by opening up new horizons, both locally and globally.
Above all, Mr. Tayyab has also been a philanthropist and has been involved in many charitable works. He believes that leaders are people who practice a leadership philosophy that “enriches the lives of individuals, builds better organizations, and ultimately creates a more just and caring world”. He believes in investing in businesses that can help the poor become self-sufficient and improve their own lives”.

Mr. Abdul Jaleel joined the group as Director in the year 2019. Before joining, Mr. Jaleel has been associated with this industry for years and enjoyed a good reputation in the circle. After joining, his vision and thorough commitments, while working on various new initiatives and business expansion models, the company has been able to progress in big strides. One of the most outstanding initiatives was helping this company to become the first in its industry to penetrate the international market. This has opened new avenues for the company to expand beyond countries to regions and across. These recent developments are imperative and are bound to open amazing revenue streams for the company.